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A Little More About Me

I recently graduated from UNC-CH with a Ph.D. in mathematics. I worked in a field called "analysis of partial differential equations." In other words, I studied certain theoretical aspects of equations which model many laws of physics. A little more specifically, I researched local energy properties of damped wave equations on asymptotically flat space-time backgrounds (for a few more specifics, and even more heuristics, click here). 


I passed Ph.D. comprehensive exams in real/complex analysis, geometry/topology, and scientific computation. As the latter topic indicates, I have interest in numerical methods, as well, and I have research experience in this area from my time spent as an undergraduate at Arizona State (again, click here).

Research Interests


  • Analysis of PDEs and microlocal/semiclassical analysis with applications in

    • Quantum mechanics​

    • General relativity

    • Fluids

  • Numerical analysis in the above topics, especially fluids

2017 - 2022 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ph.D., Mathematics

2013 - 2017

Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University

B.S., Mathematics

Summa Cum Laude

Selected Math-Related Service

Programming Experience

  • Graduate Math Association (GMA) Visions Seminar Organizer: Fall 2020-Spring 2022

    • This weekly seminar is designed to familiarize graduate students with the research being done within the department, as well as to provide speakers (primarily other graduate students) with practice giving technical talks.

  • UNC Graduate Analysis Seminar Organizer:
    Fall 2020-Spring 2022


    • This graduate-student-focused weekly seminar is designed to connect UNC graduate students researching analysis and encourage learning, discussion, and collaboration.

  • Directed Reading Program Committee Member: Spring 2020-Spring 2022

    • This program pairs undergraduate math students with graduate math student mentors for a semester-long directed reading project, culminating in a final presentation on what was learned to other members of the program. The projects typically extend beyond material covered in the standard undergraduate math curriculum, providing the students with an accessible glimpse at higher-level mathematics.

During my undergraduate and graduate studies, I have completed projects using


  • Python

  • C++



  • Java

I also use LaTeX, like, a lot

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